How to know when it’s time to say “I love you”

This can be a very tricky subject because most women don’t want to be the first one to say it and guys are scared to say it because they are worried that you won’t say it back. Sometimes there are signs that just say your relationship is “there.” One of the signs of this is when you both go out of your way to not say it. That is a clear sign it is on both of your minds and you both are holding it back. When you are trying to avoid saying it, it is time to say it. Another sign is when you have met the other one’s parents, especially if you BOTH have met the other one’s parents. Believe me, when you take your significant other to meet your parents, you’re sure. If you have known your significant other’s parents for so long that you are on a first name basis with them it is probably time to say “I love you.” 

When you are comfortable enough to pass gas and/or burp, you know it’s time. Now we all know that you have to be pretty comfortable with someone to do that. You aren’t just going to do something like that unless it was something that slipped away from you. When you will go to the bathroom with the door open, you know it’s time to say “I love you.” When you know each other so well, you already know what the other wants, be it what they want to eat, to drink, or picking out clothes to buy for them, if you know each other that well, you are in love! When you are the one they call when they get hurt and are at the emergency room, you know it’s time!

When they put you down on their insurance policy as their beneficiary, you know it’s time. When you both keep looking at each other without saying anything and its okay, you know it’s time. When you two are asleep and you try to roll over and he pulls you back in his arms, you know it’s time. When he calls you and tells you he can’t make lunch with his mom but asks if you can go instead, you know he loves you and it’s time to tell him you love him too. When he drops by your office and surprises you for lunch, you know it’s time.

When you crouch down to pet and love on a puppy or dog and then look lovingly into your significant other’s eyes, you know. When everyone you know talks about how you look at each other and how cute you are together, it’s probably that time. When you start thinking about having a child with that person, you’re in love. When you start looking at houses and are seriously considering buying one together, you are in love. When all you can think about is how much you love him, it’s time to tell him.

How to know when it’s time to say “I love you”

Perplexing Planet Pluto

Space might not be as big as some people imagined as NASA has released some of the new images it has received from the New Horizons mission. The mission took a trip to see what Pluto looks like. Pluto was designated as no longer being a planet not long ago, so why is NASA so interested in what it looks like now? Some of the pictures and the information that has been received is quite startling. There appear to be ice mountains on Pluto as well as craters and a distinct appearance to one side.

If there are ice mountains, then that would suggest that there is water on Pluto. If there isn’t water now, then there would have had to be water at some point in order to make the ice on the mountains. Since there is ice, there could be some kind of plant or even animal that could live on Pluto. There are some suggestions that Pluto could become a planet once again but listed as a dwarf planet because of it’s size. Sometimes, the best things come in small packages, and this might be proven with Pluto. Some of the information retrieved on the mission indicates that there could be some kind of volcanic activity. It’s not clear as to whether there is still activity, but if there were once volcanoes, then it could indicate that other activity could have been on the planet as well.

One of the interesting things that the mission has discovered is that the surface seems young. There are no craters as a result of an impact. There is one picture that has been circulating on the internet of a large area on Pluto that looks like a crater, but it also makes the planet seem rather technical. Perhaps there is more to this small ball than what scientists originally thought.

Perplexing Planet Pluto

Real Madrid top sporting rich list

The annual list of the world’s richest sports clubs has once again been published and is topped for the third straight year by Spanish soccer club Real Madrid, according to the BBC. The list is often seen as controversial with the value of a club often being argued over by rival fans reading over the list. The Cristiano Ronaldo led Real Madrid are given a total value of around $3 billion, which is just higher than joint second placed franchises the Dallas Cowboys and new York Yankees. Soccer clubs feature heavily in the top ten with Real’s main Spanish rivals Barcelona named as the fourth richest club in the world and iconic English club Manchester united fifth.

Aside from the three European soccer clubs the rest of the top ten places are taken up by US based franchises, including two from the NFL and two from the NBA. The sole remaining place for a US baseball team is given to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who join the other clubs on the list as being given an average value of just over $1.5 billion.

The timing of the annual rich list comes at an opportune moment for Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, who has found himself under pressure for his role in the departure of legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas from the Spanish giants. Departing Barcelona captain Xavi, whose career closely followed the Real Madrid goalkeepers in terms of years and success has been vocal in his criticism of the two attempts at a farewell given to the goalkeeper after he signed for FC Porto, The Guardian reports. Casillas was initially given a send off through a press conference where he sat alone and appeared to cry as he announced leaving the Spanish club to assembled journalists. In contrast, former Barcelona captain Xavi was given a live TV special as a send off, during which the Barcelona captain was celebrated by former players, staff members and dignitaries from around the world. A second farewell for Casillas saw a long speech given by Perez in front of a handful of supporters who assembled on a Monday afternoon to cheer on their departing goalkeeping hero.

Real Madrid top sporting rich list

I Vote, You Vote, We All Vote!

One of the biggest debates during this year’s unofficial campaign season is the idea and implementation of automatic voter registration. The debate has been popular amongst Democrats who are looking to reform elections and voting rights. The Democratic governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, was the first elected official to sign into law automatic voter registration for her state. The results of having automatic voter registration have been astonishing. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton backed this idea completely. Since then she has been fighting for automatic voter registration with passion. Following her passion, a popular voting rights group plans on making an official proposal for automatic voter registration as a centerpiece for its 2016 election efforts. The group goes by the name of iVote and announced on Monday that it will focus on efforts that will look to create campaigns that preach automatic voter registration views while looking to make the registration a universal law. They are not looking to go state-by-state but they want to make automatic voter registration a national right for all American citizens. The founder and president of iVote Ellen Sheers.

Ellen think that we as a country should be looking for a different methods that will make it easy for citizens to vote and will inevitably lead to increased participation during elections. Different methods make it burdensome for citizens to vote and actually work towards suppressing participation. Enacting automatic voter registration will be a groundbreaking step in citizens reclaiming their rights when it comes to electing their officials. Since the automatic voting registration was enacted in Oregon more than 300,000 citizens in the state were registered to vote through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If 300,000 citizens receive voting rights in one state alone imagine how many citizens would receive those same rights across the country.
I Vote, You Vote, We All Vote!

Joseph Bismark’s Spirituality and Corporate Strategy

The mention of Joseph Bismark brings to mind one of the most renowned and successful leaders of our time. This is further to be appreciated based on the distinguished philosophy that Joseph has maintained over the years. From his tender years when he left his home and when he returned, Bismark is known as a versatile leader who brings in a sense of dynamism that is appreciated by everyone around him. His guiding principles have always been premised around the fact that every person has their potential and thus should be afforded the chance to offer and display their capabilities.

Distinguished Quality Leadership

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Bismark’s leadership is his adherence to merging the concept of spirituality with the business leadership structure. The management that Bismark has often and always advocated for has always been anchored upon the tenets of honesty and virtues that are admirable and encouraged in society. These virtues were inculcated in him from a very young age throughout his upbringing. Further to this, he has been known to be an advocate of living that is healthy in a staunch manner. As a manager of the QI group, this has been exhibited through his support for the venture into organic foods. This has been made with the influencing factor that the wellness of the employees is an essential feature for moving the company forward. This has not only served to be a deep point of motivation for all the stakeholders of the organization but has also heightened the praise that is directed towards the leadership model and approach that has been introduced by Bismark. However, it is worth noting that even in light of the praise and adoration that continues to be healed on him, he has kept a sense of humility which further sets him apart from the rest.

Joseph Bismark has served as a role model to millions of individuals and groups across the world. Of greater significance is that the following is from people from all walks of life. In order to serve the community, a concept which is close to the heart of Bismark, he is involved in a number of philanthropic acts for the benefit of the poor and the marginalized member of the society. Bismark believes that the under privileged deserve a chance just like the other people. This has been a significant part of QI’s venture, with the RHYTHM foundation serving as the arm of the group. Bismark has been known to devote a great amount of his time to the activities that are carried out by this foundation. He advocates that we should all have meaningful service for the benefit of humankind, whether we are acknowledged for it or not. Joseph has always been quick to acknowledge the efforts of other people, especially his employees in every success that has been achieved. He believes that every effort is necessary for every end result.

Bismark believes that the views and opinions of every person matter and therefore should be heard. This has been instrumental in his open-door policy for both the management and the employees of his group. This philosophy has been credited for the dedication and commitment that has been illustrated by his employees in the daily activities that are performed by the organization. In a world where the business world is constantly focused on their own selfish needs without any consideration for anyone else, Joseph Bismark has managed to illustrate that it is possible to have am meaningful life in all aspects while at the same time being sensitive to the needs of other members of the society.

Joseph Bismark is known primarily as the founding director of the QI Group, which he was also made Managing Director of in December of 2008. Though he is also known for his spiritual intellect, not many who hear this man’s name are aware of just how much his faith plays a role in his day-to-day life.

Bismark left home at the age of nine to live in a monks’ ashram in the Philippines for close to a decade. By the time he was seventeen, he had returned back home and began working in the corporate field. In 1998, alongside Malaysian businessman, Vijay Eswaran, Bismark founded the QI Group of Companies, a multinational corporations working directly with businesses in fields such as education, retail, and hospitality. Now the Managing Director for almost seven years, Bismark has helped to grow this company into a combined staff of 1500 employees based in 30 countries. In 2009, he once again teamed up with Eswaran to establish VTube, an online video player and resource center for their multiple companies.

Even with his financial success and corporate skills, Bismark still utilizes everything that he learned during his years at the Philippine ashram. He is a devoted follower of the Absolute Truth and centers his life around his spirituality. One of his core beliefs is that, with the right amount of guidance, anyone in this world can truly excel in any business that they pursue. Respect for his employees, practicing humility, and adopting a simple lifestyle have earned him the praise of both those who work for him and those who simply follow him in the public eye.

His drive for good business and personal belief system have led him to establish the RYTHM Foundation within the QI Group. Also known as Corporate Social Responsibility, its name is an acronym meaning Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. It serves both local and international charities, the most prominent ones being based in Asia. Some of their projects have included work with the Better Nepal Foundation to educate women and girls and India’s Akshaya Home for the homeless.

As of today, Bismark lives and works in Singapore, where oversees the operations of QI and all of its partners.

Joseph Bismark Proves Spirituality and Business Go Hand-In-Hand

Mr. Bismark spent his adolescent years as a Vedic monk. He is now the Managing Director of the Qi Group, a multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries spanning thirty countries, and regional offices located throughout south-east Asia. The journey from ashram to office might seem an impassable divide between two wholly different worlds. However, Bismark (alongside co-founder of the Qi Group, Vijay Eswaran) has successfully launched a very profitable organization firmly grounded in the values of Care, Service, and Integrity.

The corporate philosophy that anchors the Group is derived from Vedic philosophy and the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Much of the company’s focus is on the professional development of its people, empowering them to go above and beyond the scope of their individual role to contribute to something greater.

Bismark is known for his consultative approach to management, and has spoken frequently on the importance of humility and openness to others. He is firmly grounded in his commitment to spiritual growth through serving others, and devotes much of his time to supporting the RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) Foundation, Qi Group’s corporate social responsibility platform. He maintains a blog of spiritual reflections at

He is also a central figure in The V, an affiliate of Qi Group that focuses on leadership development, networking, and training. The V hosts numerous conventions, boot camps, and retreats designed to strengthen the brand through professional growth, skills training, and discussion of market issues. Through the V, Bismarck facilitates a personal wellness program for network leaders called ATMA. Additionally, he is a prominent speaker and lecturer at the various V-Con network and training events held each year.

While the skeptical reader might dismiss out-of-hand the idea that a multi-million dollar, multinational company could be rooted in spiritual principles, Joseph Bismark continues to demonstrate that business and faith are not mutually exclusive. Let us hope that more business leaders follow Bismarck’s example of servant-leadership and seek to uplift the lives of their employees, their customers, and of mankind as a whole.
The Joseph Bismark Way Of Life

Self-motivated and energetic entrepreneur Joseph Bismark was one of the original founders of the QI Group back in 1998. With his natural ability to provide advice and a smooth, uncluttered management style, he has been on board as their Managing Director for the past several years. He continuously has thrived in success, which may have a great deal to do with his relationship with Vedas philosophy and his rare upbringing.

This natural born entrepreneur who “gets it” and not just some of it, is confident that every individual has the ability to accomplish unimaginable things. His inner confidence and motivation has enthralled millions and has inspired many that he comes in contact with, stemming from his rare approach to handling various business aspects and extremely lucrative ideas. Bismark’s wisdom and compassionate achievements made it possible in his building a solid base for the development of the QI Group of Companies, as well as his co-creation of Qnet with Vijay Eswaran. He has a way of thinking that is desired by many for use in business or simply day to day life balance. For instance he feels that if an individual does the same task for a lengthy time, gratification naturally follows. However while it feels good, this comfort zone may limit one in accomplishing greater goals. This can occur when one finds themselves allowing their surroundings to influence them, which ultimately controls one’s actions and decisions. When this happens, you know you must make some changes to your life or you will fail, as initiating changes does not come easily. Obviously Bismark offers advice that can benefit anyone in all walks of life.

Joseph Bismark’s vast set of skills, common sense that is comprised with his immense background in developing businesses and marketing, has brought him a wealth of success in the corporate world. With hands on experience that he brought to managing the Group, he is also savvy in property development, e-commerce and direct selling. He has masterminded complex operations using his exceptional management skills in business growth and development, marketing and more. In addition, Bismark is a well-respected author and speaker. Internet viewers can enjoy him as they tune into his highly inspiring speeches, chats and training to gain motivation that can encourage and disciple individuals (many of his appearances can be viewed on V-con and Youtube). Recently this dynamo opened his own School of Meditation and Yoga in Singapore which intends to bring spiritual and physical balance to children and adults using teachings based on Hinduism. This practice focuses on universal devotion and love; specifically one would practice devotion towards God, rather than seeking a reward or a fear of God.

Bismark’s life is one that is quite unique. From the ages of 9 to 17 he embarked on an unforgettable journey in which he traded in his loving and comfortable home for the life of a monk within the Philippine mountains in an ashram. When he left this religious retreat, he went straight to the business world, but managed to keep what he absorbed from his experience in the monastic community.

Possessing a passion for knowledge as well as a loyal desire for healthy living, he also actively participates in many of his interests such as yoga instructor, vedic philosopher and martial arts. He also finds time to give his time to the Singapore based RHYTHM Foundation.

Joseph Bismark’s Spirituality and Corporate Strategy

Fast Food Chains Raise Prices as Wages Increase For Employees Amidst Major Debate

Fast food restaurants Chipotles and Starbucks are increasing wages for their lowest paid workers. This move comes after many of its customers have said they support raising the minimum wage for the lowest paid employees at the Starbucks and Chipotles. It also comes amidst pressure that the minimum wage paid to fast food employees is simply not enough to survive on and leads to poverty. 

Increasing the minimum wages for new employees and providing pay increases for those already working at Starbucks and Chipotles comes at a price. The two chains are increasing the prices of items on their menus to offset the additional expense of higher wages for its employees. Starbucks has already raised the price of many of its drinks by five to twenty cents. Starbucks says that the wage increases could cost the company about $140 million. That is a small amount, when you consider that the company makes billions of dollars in profits every year. Starbucks also says that as the economy expands and more job openings appear raising the minimum wage at the company will help attract and retain employees. It should be noted that Starbucks is planning on expanding aggressively in the United States and abroad, and if it cannot find and keep employees at its stores, then its policy of expansion will fail. Besides increasing wages, Starbucks also says it will provide one free food item to its employees per shift and provide tuition reimbursement for its employees if they meet criteria. 

The move to raise minimum wages and give pay raises to low paid employees is a positive sign for workers in the fast food industry, and other low paying jobs in retail and healthcare. Such wage increases should help many struggling families get out of poverty and increase their take home pay. Wages have simply not kept up with inflation. The dollar buys much less than it did 10 years ago. Yet the federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 per hour. The cost of living has increased significantly, yet wages have not. This has lead to decreased purchasing power, in other words people can’t buy as much goods as they used to with their pay. Stagnant wages also lead to poverty and a decreased standard of living. 

Many cities and states are now debating on whether they should enact legislation to raise the minimum wage in their jurisdiction. Many cities and states already have higher minimum wage laws than the paltry $7.25 an hour outlined by the federal government. San Francisco has an minimum wage of $12.25 per hour which is almost double the minimum wage at the federal level. However, many states do not have higher minimum wage laws and those that do often have a marginally higher wage.

In New York State, the state government is looking into raising the minimum wage for fast food workers and other low paid employees after a series of labor hearings found shocking testimony from fast food workers. If a major legislative or executive action is taken place in New York it could have a domino effect all over the country. This would do wonders for many workers who deserve liveable wages in today’s economy.

Fast Food Chains Raise Prices as Wages Increase For Employees Amidst Major Debate

Donald Trump’s Hard Line On Immigration Is Paying Off In The Polls

In May 65% Of Republican Said Trump Was Not The Man. Now 60% Of Republicans Say He Is The Man For The Job

Donald Trump didn’t get where he is in life by being stupid. He may make stupid remarks, but underneath that cunning and cagey persona is a very smart man. When Trump announced his candidacy, most people thought he was a joke, but when he opened his mouth and told the world that illegal immigration was destroying our social structure, it was game on. Let’s face it. Trump knew what he was doing. He had to get attention, and the only way to do that was to be controversial. He had to upset the status quo in the Republican Party. He had to make sure that his message would resonate with conservatives, and he was successful. 

Trump is Wharton School of Business billionaire that knows the game of politics. He amassed a fortune by manipulating New York City politicians. He used those political pawns as a backdrop for his real estate ventures. He turned one of America’s hobbies into a money making empire. His golf courses are the playgrounds of the rich, the famous and our politicians. Trump studied our civil servants, and knows they are pawns too. He studied our political system, which has turned to super-rich mush thanks to the same tactics he used in New York City. Money buys power, and a lot of money get things done. Trump is a master at getting things done, and getting what he wants. 

So it’s not surprising that Trump is leading in recent polls. He’s a risk taker. He gave up a few million in business ventures to make his political debut an event to remember. He bet that Republican conservatives would hear his message and stand behind him, and that is exactly what is happening. Trump is now the darling of conservative Republicans. He’s the guy that is not afraid to shake things up, and show the bigotry that exists within the Republican Party. Most of the other Republican candidates denounced Trump’s characterization of Mexico and Mexicans. They had no choice. They had to fight even though they agreed with him wholeheartedly, or partially. The candidates confirmed what we already know. Double standards rule in politics. 

Trump’s success is simple. He is giving the establishment the finger. Trump is using his vocal Trumpisms to expose candidates they say one thing and do another. But that’s not how he plays the game. He will do what he says, and that will eventually cost him the Republican approval he enjoys now. 

When that happens, Trump could have another celebrity card up his sleeve. He could change his tune and run as an independent. He may not win, but he will certainly act as a spoiler that could cost Republicans the race. Who knows, maybe Trump will add a lot more confusion to the race. He could single-handedly hand the White House over to Bernie Sanders. That may be the best or the worst thing Trump has ever done. That opinion depends on what side of the political fence you paint.

Donald Trump’s Hard Line On Immigration Is Paying Off In The Polls