Donald Trump’s Hard Line On Immigration Is Paying Off In The Polls

In May 65% Of Republican Said Trump Was Not The Man. Now 60% Of Republicans Say He Is The Man For The Job

Donald Trump didn’t get where he is in life by being stupid. He may make stupid remarks, but underneath that cunning and cagey persona is a very smart man. When Trump announced his candidacy, most people thought he was a joke, but when he opened his mouth and told the world that illegal immigration was destroying our social structure, it was game on. Let’s face it. Trump knew what he was doing. He had to get attention, and the only way to do that was to be controversial. He had to upset the status quo in the Republican Party. He had to make sure that his message would resonate with conservatives, and he was successful. 

Trump is Wharton School of Business billionaire that knows the game of politics. He amassed a fortune by manipulating New York City politicians. He used those political pawns as a backdrop for his real estate ventures. He turned one of America’s hobbies into a money making empire. His golf courses are the playgrounds of the rich, the famous and our politicians. Trump studied our civil servants, and knows they are pawns too. He studied our political system, which has turned to super-rich mush thanks to the same tactics he used in New York City. Money buys power, and a lot of money get things done. Trump is a master at getting things done, and getting what he wants. 

So it’s not surprising that Trump is leading in recent polls. He’s a risk taker. He gave up a few million in business ventures to make his political debut an event to remember. He bet that Republican conservatives would hear his message and stand behind him, and that is exactly what is happening. Trump is now the darling of conservative Republicans. He’s the guy that is not afraid to shake things up, and show the bigotry that exists within the Republican Party. Most of the other Republican candidates denounced Trump’s characterization of Mexico and Mexicans. They had no choice. They had to fight even though they agreed with him wholeheartedly, or partially. The candidates confirmed what we already know. Double standards rule in politics. 

Trump’s success is simple. He is giving the establishment the finger. Trump is using his vocal Trumpisms to expose candidates they say one thing and do another. But that’s not how he plays the game. He will do what he says, and that will eventually cost him the Republican approval he enjoys now. 

When that happens, Trump could have another celebrity card up his sleeve. He could change his tune and run as an independent. He may not win, but he will certainly act as a spoiler that could cost Republicans the race. Who knows, maybe Trump will add a lot more confusion to the race. He could single-handedly hand the White House over to Bernie Sanders. That may be the best or the worst thing Trump has ever done. That opinion depends on what side of the political fence you paint.

Donald Trump’s Hard Line On Immigration Is Paying Off In The Polls

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