I Vote, You Vote, We All Vote!

One of the biggest debates during this year’s unofficial campaign season is the idea and implementation of automatic voter registration. The debate has been popular amongst Democrats who are looking to reform elections and voting rights. The Democratic governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, was the first elected official to sign into law automatic voter registration for her state. The results of having automatic voter registration have been astonishing. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton backed this idea completely. Since then she has been fighting for automatic voter registration with passion. Following her passion, a popular voting rights group plans on making an official proposal for automatic voter registration as a centerpiece for its 2016 election efforts. The group goes by the name of iVote and announced on Monday that it will focus on efforts that will look to create campaigns that preach automatic voter registration views while looking to make the registration a universal law. They are not looking to go state-by-state but they want to make automatic voter registration a national right for all American citizens. The founder and president of iVote Ellen Sheers.

Ellen think that we as a country should be looking for a different methods that will make it easy for citizens to vote and will inevitably lead to increased participation during elections. Different methods make it burdensome for citizens to vote and actually work towards suppressing participation. Enacting automatic voter registration will be a groundbreaking step in citizens reclaiming their rights when it comes to electing their officials. Since the automatic voting registration was enacted in Oregon more than 300,000 citizens in the state were registered to vote through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If 300,000 citizens receive voting rights in one state alone imagine how many citizens would receive those same rights across the country.
I Vote, You Vote, We All Vote!

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