Perplexing Planet Pluto

Space might not be as big as some people imagined as NASA has released some of the new images it has received from the New Horizons mission. The mission took a trip to see what Pluto looks like. Pluto was designated as no longer being a planet not long ago, so why is NASA so interested in what it looks like now? Some of the pictures and the information that has been received is quite startling. There appear to be ice mountains on Pluto as well as craters and a distinct appearance to one side.

If there are ice mountains, then that would suggest that there is water on Pluto. If there isn’t water now, then there would have had to be water at some point in order to make the ice on the mountains. Since there is ice, there could be some kind of plant or even animal that could live on Pluto. There are some suggestions that Pluto could become a planet once again but listed as a dwarf planet because of it’s size. Sometimes, the best things come in small packages, and this might be proven with Pluto. Some of the information retrieved on the mission indicates that there could be some kind of volcanic activity. It’s not clear as to whether there is still activity, but if there were once volcanoes, then it could indicate that other activity could have been on the planet as well.

One of the interesting things that the mission has discovered is that the surface seems young. There are no craters as a result of an impact. There is one picture that has been circulating on the internet of a large area on Pluto that looks like a crater, but it also makes the planet seem rather technical. Perhaps there is more to this small ball than what scientists originally thought.

Perplexing Planet Pluto

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