How to know when it’s time to say “I love you”

This can be a very tricky subject because most women don’t want to be the first one to say it and guys are scared to say it because they are worried that you won’t say it back. Sometimes there are signs that just say your relationship is “there.” One of the signs of this is when you both go out of your way to not say it. That is a clear sign it is on both of your minds and you both are holding it back. When you are trying to avoid saying it, it is time to say it. Another sign is when you have met the other one’s parents, especially if you BOTH have met the other one’s parents. Believe me, when you take your significant other to meet your parents, you’re sure. If you have known your significant other’s parents for so long that you are on a first name basis with them it is probably time to say “I love you.” 

When you are comfortable enough to pass gas and/or burp, you know it’s time. Now we all know that you have to be pretty comfortable with someone to do that. You aren’t just going to do something like that unless it was something that slipped away from you. When you will go to the bathroom with the door open, you know it’s time to say “I love you.” When you know each other so well, you already know what the other wants, be it what they want to eat, to drink, or picking out clothes to buy for them, if you know each other that well, you are in love! When you are the one they call when they get hurt and are at the emergency room, you know it’s time!

When they put you down on their insurance policy as their beneficiary, you know it’s time. When you both keep looking at each other without saying anything and its okay, you know it’s time. When you two are asleep and you try to roll over and he pulls you back in his arms, you know it’s time. When he calls you and tells you he can’t make lunch with his mom but asks if you can go instead, you know he loves you and it’s time to tell him you love him too. When he drops by your office and surprises you for lunch, you know it’s time.

When you crouch down to pet and love on a puppy or dog and then look lovingly into your significant other’s eyes, you know. When everyone you know talks about how you look at each other and how cute you are together, it’s probably that time. When you start thinking about having a child with that person, you’re in love. When you start looking at houses and are seriously considering buying one together, you are in love. When all you can think about is how much you love him, it’s time to tell him.

How to know when it’s time to say “I love you”

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