Joseph Bismark Details His Personal Choices For Physical And Mental Happiness

Business Wire is detailing an interview with Joseph Bismark, the co-founding director with the multi level marketing giant QI who I’ve written about before. In the interview the Singapore based businessperson explains his deep lobe of meditation, yoga and exercise, which he uses in a bid to keep himself mentally and physically at his best. Bismark has become a major force within QI and is known for the encouragement he provides for his employees, a fact he explains is due to his deeply held spiritual convictions.

There are very few businesspeople in the world who have the background of Joseph Bismark, whose education took a far less traditional approach than those of his peers and colleagues. Bismark decided at an early age he would spend a large amount of time at a local monastery in his native Philippines to complete his spiritual training, a form of training that has allowed Bismark to make sure his own experiences are shaped over time to become reflected in his treatment of others throughout the QI Group. Bismark has enjoyed his current directors role within the QI group since 2008 and is a consistent supporter of the RHYTHM foundation the company operates to aid those who are seeking assistance with their education.

Joseph Bismark is a firm believer in maintaining an active and healthy body to keep his min as active as possible. To maintain his own levels of fitness Bismark remains as active as possible with his own option of using weekly workouts involving planned routines and kettle balls to stay as healthy as possible. Bismark is also well known for being an advocate of the use of technology in both his business and personal life. An avid cyclist, he uses apps to measure his progress and distance traveled on each ride.

Alongside the use of technology to track his fitness levels, Bismark has also recently incorporated the use of apps to allow him to record his favorite mantras for his periods of meditation. Meditation and yoga play a large role in the life of Bismark and he recommends reading the Anatomy of Yoga book for all those who are interested in becoming experts in these ancient techniques. The commitment to help others Joseph Bismark has maintained throughout his life also sees him work as a yoga instructor in Singapore, which also gives him the chance to continue learning as much as possible about the process of yoga and meditation as possible.

Joseph Bismark Details His Personal Choices For Physical And Mental Happiness

Voting for Change – Women’s Voices Being Heard

It’s not even 2016. Not by my calendar, at least. Yet, I’m already confused by the upcoming presidential campaign and the current candidates who are bidding and bartering for one of the most powerful positions in the world. Start with Donald Trump’s often offensive yet forthright tactics, front-runner Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Bernie Sanders’ surprising grassroots-takeover, then add to the mix an oversized potluck of other POTUS suitors – and well, getting overwhelmed is no difficult task. Throw in some intense local issues that affect my county, city and state, and I am honestly conflicted about the choices I will make come voting season.

It was during my scouring for updated information about Bernie Sanders’ political views that I was humbly reminded of something that is so easy to forget, but so critical to remember – I am allowed to vote. I am allowed to make choices and then cast those choices into the multitude with others’ decisions; male and female voices alike. CNN’s news site informed me that this week, in the year 2015, women can register to vote for the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia.

Although I haven’t been naive nor blind to the plight women in other countries experience, it’s regrettably simple to become numb to their oppression; however, I’m delighted to finally read about a definite win for women’s rights globally. It’s just one step, I know; for the women in Saudi Arabia who do vote, their choices will only be reflected at the municipal level and will have no affect on the exclusive laws and rulings that are handed down by the country’s monarchy. I’m not unaware. As an anonymous Saudi Arabian woman said in CNN’s article, “This is just a small part of women’s rights, participating in the municipal elections, and possibly women can perform even better than men.” I agree, and I wholeheartedly hope that the Sunni Islam practicing country will in time allow female citizens to share their voices and have an expanded role in Saudi society.

As Human Rights Watch’s article mentions, women in Saudi Arabia having this new opportunity to vote is a start. A start, after all, is always better than staying stuck in a stagnant and unjust history.

Voting for Change – Women’s Voices Being Heard

John Cena Joins Elite Make a Wish Foundation Group

John Cena is now the number one celebrity contributor to the Make a Wish foundation and for me, it is simply nice to see a celebrity acting in a manner that helps people rather than simply in their own best self interest.

Cena is a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and spends a lot of time in the ring hitting other competitors. Wile WWF wrestling is not real (they aren’t really hitting each othe, if you don’t know), the positive impact that Wrestlers have on fans of the sport is real and meaningful.

Since he started, Cena has made 500 wish fulfillment’s for kids who are suffering from illnesses, and this is a record for a celebrity. In addition to meeting with children, Cena has also donated upwards of 6 million airline miles to help kids fulfill their traveling needs and has donated his own personal time and money to the cause.

The WWF has also contributed over $1 million last week to the charity and thanked both the Make a Wish foundation as well as John Cena and the foundation for their good deeds in the process.

The recipient of the 500th wish is Rocco Lanzer of Queens who was just diagnosed with leukemia in January this year. Lanzer is 8 years old and is in the hospital being treated for the illness. This was the second time that the two met, but the first time Lanzer wasn’t feeling well enough to spend a lot of time with Cena. Lanzer is apparently feeling a lot better and also received tickets to watch Cena on Monday during the Monday Night Raw segment in which Cena will be fighting.

Cena discussed some of the reasons why he likes to donate to Make a Wish Foundation and indicated that he gets to see the joy that it brings to children directly, compared to other foundations and charities where you are a little bit segregated from the end beneficiaries and simply have to use faith that your funds or contribution was property used.

For me, it is not only nice to see a celebrity taking on a charitable cause, but also to see them devoted to it and making a real difference by shaping the lives of those John Cena comes across by providing hope and moral lessons, as well as by donating time and money as well.

Cena indicated that he is planning on being involved with Make a Wish Foundation for as long as they are willing to have him be a part of their organization. That is comfortable to hear and the passion that Cena provides for the charity is amazing.

John Cena Joins Elite Make a Wish Foundation Group

Forever Home For Pitbull

A shelter dog is getting a new lease on life. The dog, known as “Daisy the Pitbull”, had been set to be put down after being unable to adjust to shelter life. However, she was given a second chance when she was adopted by a family this weekend in Connecticut.

Animal Control had said they were originally going to put the animal down, as it was unfair to the animal to keep it living in its poor condition. The dog didn’t adjust well to shelter life, and they didn’t want her to suffer needlessly. However, that thankfully did not happen. After one month of being in the shelter, Daisy found her home.

Her family says that Daisy is a terrific pet, and that they couldn’t ask for any better. There’s good news in it for Daisy, as well. She is now a happy, healthy dog, and is able to have a second lease on life.

That is not the only good news that comes from Connecticut this weekend, however: an additional 600 pets found good homes and great families. The shelter had a “Clear the Shelter” campaign, hoping to give the shelter pets a new lease on life. Shelter pets, in many cases, are able to be rehomed as long as a willing and caring family can take them.

This is great news for both shelter pets and shelters all around the world. With a little bit of promotion and a little bit of luck, it means that shelters can adopt out their animals to loving and caring homes. As a foster pet owner myself, I am glad to see these animals getting a second lease on life.

The other good news? The shelter, which had been at capacity, is reporting that there’s a little more room to take in new dogs and help them find forever homes. If adopting a dog sounds interesting to you, then go to your nearest dog shelter and enquire about the process of dog ownership. You could be giving a loving animal a new lease on life – just like a Connecticut family did for Daisy.

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Shelter Pet Gets New Home

Forever Homes for Dogs

Forever Home For Pitbull

Global HIV Goal Met

HIV has become a major issue for many people today. Not just on a national level, but on an international level. The UN set out the heft mission of ending aids fifteen years ago in 2000. Just in the last July report, UNAIDS has announced that they had already reached their goal of getting the treatment to help 30 million people. More details about the treatment and what it how it has improved the community can be read about here.
Although the treatment has definitely been more successful in some parts than other parts, the treatment has been overall quite successful. The goal it has reached so far was estimated to be reached in another nine months. With this continued rate of success, the epidemic of AIDs is estimated to be over by 2030, according to the UNAIDs team.
With the removal of AIDs in our society, we can not only have a healthier society but also not have to worry so much. So much money goes into medication and treatment of AIDs with no real cure. Now, we can not only get rid of the virus but make the lives of those affected so much easier. Many people who are affected do not have the means to afford the medication and treatment that is used to lessen the effects of HIV. Most people either spend large sums of money to make life easier or die from the virus. With this treatment, people do not have to spend so much and can have an easier life overall.
The best part about this whole treatment from the UNAIDs is that they are giving people in places who do not have the same medical technology an opportunity to benefit. Not only is HIV treatment expensive in many of these places but often the treatment is just unavailable because their medical system is not the same. Now, they have an opportunity to have access to Western healthcare. 15 million people who previously would not have been helped and left to suffer have now become successful stories. 15 million people on this world that we all share. The results from this treatment show it is effective and show that is has been a great investment, not just for now but for later generations.
Here are some more details about the logistics behind the treatment and how what its impact actually means for the world at large.

Global HIV Goal Met

A Lot of Color and Some Love

Crime is reported from just bout everywhere in the world however none is more pressing than the violent crime that is happening in one’s own neighborhood. Naturally, it breeds lots of fear and suspicion. One doesn’t really enjoy living so much as trying to survive. Many communities around the world try to instill programs to allay the fears of residents and create a closer more unified neighborhood like community watch programs. Some work, some don’t. Then you hear the extraordinary story of a group of artists, Germen Nuevo Muralismo Mexicano that helped to transform a whole community by painting a hillside. on one hillside neighborhood of Las Palmitas, Mexico that has experienced positive results from colorful mural art. This group known as CollectivoGermmen collaborated with 452 families that resided in the neighborhood to literally brighten up their lives by painting neon colors to the exterior of their homes. Colors included vibrant greens, blues, yellow, orange and pink. The effect, as one can imagine is quite stunning. It’s not only a scattering of color on the hillside but more like a giant mural most especially from a distance. To see the consistent swirls that connect so perfectly can bring to mind the ancient Mayans and their massive creativity.

The project director is Enrique Gomez who said he was a former gang member but has “turned the page” by going back into muralism and graffiti art. The results speak for themselves when you view the photos. He was surprised to find that the fruits of his group’s and the residents’ labor would change their outlook and spur the neighbors on into taking responsibility for the safety of their community members.

This beautiful story and the results just show how important it is to have a sense of value, esteem and self worth in a community. In this case it was a community that is poor and besot with violence, which can quite often lead to loss of interest in what goes on and just trying to protect your own. Just think how bringing some colorful paint into the lives of those who felt bleak and surely hopeless, brought out love for the residents and their surroundings. Its no wonder that another similar neighborhood in Las Palmitas is slated to participate in this colorfest.

A Lot of Color and Some Love

Bill Strickland Delivers a Powerful Message at TED talk

The news doesn’t always have to be bad. Evidence of positive news can be difficult to find, but there is plenty of it out there. Recently, I read an amazing piece at dailygood that inspired me to write a recap of the story.

Bill Strickland presented a TED talk recently, entitled “rebuilding a neighborhood with beauty, dignity and hope.” His message was clearly one of hope and filled with positive spirit. As the title suggests, the story he told was of redemption, both personal and community wide. Mr. Strickland began life in a rough neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He explained that during his high school years he was introduced to art, as a form of expression. In a public school art class he first saw clay taking shape and was mesmerized. The idea that the world of possibilities can be limitless took shape.

The same art teacher who showed him the world of art took another step and introduced him to college. The teacher took Mr. Strickland to The University of Pittsburgh and helped him become a probationary college student. Today Bill Strickland is a trustee of University of Pittsburgh and has become an inspiration to countless kids who come from tough neighborhoods. His message is, “don’t give up on the poor kids because you never know what’s going to happen to those children in life.”

Perhaps the crowning achievement of Mr. Strickland, so far, is the Bidwell Training Center. The center is located in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and provides a new start to people who need job training. Mr. Strickland explains that Pittsburgh was once a major producer of steel, but the industry has long since moved away from the area. The economic toll on the community was devastating and many people were left trained for work that was no longer available. Since that time new workers have also entered the depressed employment marketplace and find it difficult to find any job that will provide them with training. The Bidwell Training Center aims to provide relief to families in this area by providing skills that are in demand in the current employment market.

Mr. Strickland went on to discuss his work for the poor and how his message has spread to other communities. His work now echoes throughout the country. I hope that it continues spreading for years to come.

Bill Strickland Delivers a Powerful Message at TED talk