A Lot of Color and Some Love

Crime is reported from just bout everywhere in the world however none is more pressing than the violent crime that is happening in one’s own neighborhood. Naturally, it breeds lots of fear and suspicion. One doesn’t really enjoy living so much as trying to survive. Many communities around the world try to instill programs to allay the fears of residents and create a closer more unified neighborhood like community watch programs. Some work, some don’t. Then you hear the extraordinary story of a group of artists, Germen Nuevo Muralismo Mexicano that helped to transform a whole community by painting a hillside.

http://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/1265/Artists-Turn-One-Of-Mexico-s-Most-Dangerous-Neighborhoods-Into-One-Giant-Mural on one hillside neighborhood of Las Palmitas, Mexico that has experienced positive results from colorful mural art. This group known as CollectivoGermmen collaborated with 452 families that resided in the neighborhood to literally brighten up their lives by painting neon colors to the exterior of their homes. Colors included vibrant greens, blues, yellow, orange and pink. The effect, as one can imagine is quite stunning. It’s not only a scattering of color on the hillside but more like a giant mural most especially from a distance. To see the consistent swirls that connect so perfectly can bring to mind the ancient Mayans and their massive creativity.

The project director is Enrique Gomez who said he was a former gang member but has “turned the page” by going back into muralism and graffiti art. The results speak for themselves when you view the photos. He was surprised to find that the fruits of his group’s and the residents’ labor would change their outlook and spur the neighbors on into taking responsibility for the safety of their community members.

This beautiful story and the results just show how important it is to have a sense of value, esteem and self worth in a community. In this case it was a community that is poor and besot with violence, which can quite often lead to loss of interest in what goes on and just trying to protect your own. Just think how bringing some colorful paint into the lives of those who felt bleak and surely hopeless, brought out love for the residents and their surroundings. Its no wonder that another similar neighborhood in Las Palmitas is slated to participate in this colorfest.

A Lot of Color and Some Love

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