Forever Home For Pitbull

A shelter dog is getting a new lease on life. The dog, known as “Daisy the Pitbull”, had been set to be put down after being unable to adjust to shelter life. However, she was given a second chance when she was adopted by a family this weekend in Connecticut.

Animal Control had said they were originally going to put the animal down, as it was unfair to the animal to keep it living in its poor condition. The dog didn’t adjust well to shelter life, and they didn’t want her to suffer needlessly. However, that thankfully did not happen. After one month of being in the shelter, Daisy found her home.

Her family says that Daisy is a terrific pet, and that they couldn’t ask for any better. There’s good news in it for Daisy, as well. She is now a happy, healthy dog, and is able to have a second lease on life.

That is not the only good news that comes from Connecticut this weekend, however: an additional 600 pets found good homes and great families. The shelter had a “Clear the Shelter” campaign, hoping to give the shelter pets a new lease on life. Shelter pets, in many cases, are able to be rehomed as long as a willing and caring family can take them.

This is great news for both shelter pets and shelters all around the world. With a little bit of promotion and a little bit of luck, it means that shelters can adopt out their animals to loving and caring homes. As a foster pet owner myself, I am glad to see these animals getting a second lease on life.

The other good news? The shelter, which had been at capacity, is reporting that there’s a little more room to take in new dogs and help them find forever homes. If adopting a dog sounds interesting to you, then go to your nearest dog shelter and enquire about the process of dog ownership. You could be giving a loving animal a new lease on life – just like a Connecticut family did for Daisy.

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Forever Home For Pitbull

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