Young Inventor Helps Paraplegic Mom

Alden Kane, a young student at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School, heard
of a woman with an issue that tugged at his heart. She is confined to a wheelchair,
and has a very difficult time getting around with her baby.

When Alden heard of Sharina’s problem, he contacted the University of Detroit Mercy,
and they came up with a great solution. It is a prototype baby stroller, fitted to a wheelchair.
It really is quite briliant in it’s simplicity.

It is sure to be a huge help to this new mother, and a great thing to do in general.
This young man is a fine example that the kids are alright.
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Young Inventor Helps Paraplegic Mom

From Homeless, To Hopeful

Recently, the Miami Chamber of Commerce into a housing development. This is not
your ordinary housing however. It is an organic farm and marketplace. The place
was designed on the property of an old military installation that was leveled
during Hurricane Andrew.

The community boasts LEED-certified town homes,
that sit next to a 22 acre certified organic farm. Their staff have people on
board who are trained in helping those in need. They are there to make sure that
the transition from being homeless, to a part of a community that cares is an
easier one.

Obtaining important job and communication skills, while learning to grow crops
hands on, is a huge change for most. In this case it is a change for the better.

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From Homeless, To Hopeful

Saving Grace For Gentle Giants

African Elephants can rest a bit easier now. In recent events President, Barack
Obama, and President Xi Jinping of China put a ban on all legal and illegal sales
or distribution of ivory. All sales in the US and Chinese Government will be deemed

This is very big news in China, who leads the world in the sales and trade of ivory.
Literally, tens of thousands of elephant lives will be saved by this new ruling.
All imports and exports of the ivory goods will be prosecuted by law.

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Saving Grace For Gentle Giants

Changing Lives Through Big Tips

I’ve been a restaurant server for many years. It was my first job when I turned 16 and it ended up being my longest running gig. Serving tables is what put me through college and what helped me support my son. Of course, it wasn’t always easy. At times, it was the hardest gig imaginable. I’ve been disrespected, I’ve been yelled at, and I’ve cried. Despite all that, I’ve looked forward to coming to work. That’s because everyone once and a while I would meet a wonderful customer. I would meet someone that not only would tip me nicely but would also show me respect. That’s why whenever I see stories about customers giving huge tips to deserving waiters, it makes me smile. I know just how hard it is and I know just how much an unexpected blessing can turn someones life around.

Recently, I read a story on Huffington Post which brought me to tears. A waitress was left a generous $1,200 tip. The single mom who received the tip was brought to tears as well. She did something amazing with the money and took her children on a shopping spree for Christmas. I can just picture the joy that those kids felt. It was amazing that she didn’t even think to spend the money on herself. She selflessly wanted to give her children a Christmas to remember. That’s when you know that the money was given to the right person. The waitress almost took the day off, as well! It’s amazing to think just how quickly someones fate can change just by one small decision.

She wasn’t the only one that received a tip like that. It actually happens every now and then. According to Detroit Newsanother lucky lady received a big tip. This time hers was %3,000. She plans on using the money to pay off debt. I’d like to think that karma does exist and these big tips find their way to deserving waitresses. All too often we hear about the bad that happens in the world. That’s why even though it’s something as simple as a tip, it still makes a big difference.

Many waiters and waitresses depend solely on tips. Although some people realize this, unfortunately the majority does not. That’s why one big tip can make up for not receiving any. It’s heartwarming that someone goes out of their way to do something that they didn’t need too. They simply want to make a difference in someone else’s lives. The only payment they need is seeing the joy spread across their servers face. Often, these people who make the donation wish to remain anonymous because they don’t do it for the recognition. It’s amazing.

Changing Lives Through Big Tips

Growing Shelter Opportunities for Refugees in Need

Swarms of people in the UK are “Overwhelming” an established Christian charity called the Boaz Trust, by signing up to volunteer as roommates for refugees that are in need of housing. This Manchester group has been collecting volunteer calls from places like Edinburgh and Gloucester.

It may seem otherworldly, but this European movement was started by Finnish Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä, who opened up his home in Kempele to shelter refugees. Because he is currently serving Helsinki, he decided to give use to the Kempele home, in an unexpected, yet applaud-worthy way.

This humanitarian movement is spreading throughout Germany, Iceland, Austria and many other countries, helping asylum seekers from all over the world find shelters in nations they long to call home. With current political affairs shaking up grounds in different places of the world, it is programs like these that can truly change the course of history.

From people in their middle-class homes, to government appointed Prime Ministers, this movement is sure to make an outstanding impact in the lives of many people, as it is gaining momentum every day.

Immigrating to a new country and culture is proven to be one of the most rigorous tasks a person (or family) can endure. However, with the help of the community, the housing crisis can be diminished. We all know it is necessary to have a stable home in order to find a job, unfortunately this works in the reverse order as well, many times leaving refugees sleeping in the streets and under bridges. It truly takes a helping hand for people to settle into a new country, and a simple secure address can help families get off their feet.

It is inspiring and heartwarming to see how citizens are opening up their own homes for complete strangers who just want better opportunities. Prime Minister Sipilä told broadcaster YLE “I hope this becomes some kind of people’s movement that will inspire many to shoulder part of the burden in this refugee housing crisis,” and indeed it has!

This is the sort of compassion that keeps the world moving, and our species evolving.

Growing Shelter Opportunities for Refugees in Need