From Homeless, To Hopeful

Recently, the Miami Chamber of Commerce into a housing development. This is not
your ordinary housing however. It is an organic farm and marketplace. The place
was designed on the property of an old military installation that was leveled
during Hurricane Andrew.

The community boasts LEED-certified town homes,
that sit next to a 22 acre certified organic farm. Their staff have people on
board who are trained in helping those in need. They are there to make sure that
the transition from being homeless, to a part of a community that cares is an
easier one.

Obtaining important job and communication skills, while learning to grow crops
hands on, is a huge change for most. In this case it is a change for the better.

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From Homeless, To Hopeful

Saving Grace For Gentle Giants

African Elephants can rest a bit easier now. In recent events President, Barack
Obama, and President Xi Jinping of China put a ban on all legal and illegal sales
or distribution of ivory. All sales in the US and Chinese Government will be deemed

This is very big news in China, who leads the world in the sales and trade of ivory.
Literally, tens of thousands of elephant lives will be saved by this new ruling.
All imports and exports of the ivory goods will be prosecuted by law.

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Saving Grace For Gentle Giants

Growing Shelter Opportunities for Refugees in Need

Swarms of people in the UK are “Overwhelming” an established Christian charity called the Boaz Trust, by signing up to volunteer as roommates for refugees that are in need of housing. This Manchester group has been collecting volunteer calls from places like Edinburgh and Gloucester.

It may seem otherworldly, but this European movement was started by Finnish Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä, who opened up his home in Kempele to shelter refugees. Because he is currently serving Helsinki, he decided to give use to the Kempele home, in an unexpected, yet applaud-worthy way.

This humanitarian movement is spreading throughout Germany, Iceland, Austria and many other countries, helping asylum seekers from all over the world find shelters in nations they long to call home. With current political affairs shaking up grounds in different places of the world, it is programs like these that can truly change the course of history.

From people in their middle-class homes, to government appointed Prime Ministers, this movement is sure to make an outstanding impact in the lives of many people, as it is gaining momentum every day.

Immigrating to a new country and culture is proven to be one of the most rigorous tasks a person (or family) can endure. However, with the help of the community, the housing crisis can be diminished. We all know it is necessary to have a stable home in order to find a job, unfortunately this works in the reverse order as well, many times leaving refugees sleeping in the streets and under bridges. It truly takes a helping hand for people to settle into a new country, and a simple secure address can help families get off their feet.

It is inspiring and heartwarming to see how citizens are opening up their own homes for complete strangers who just want better opportunities. Prime Minister Sipilä told broadcaster YLE “I hope this becomes some kind of people’s movement that will inspire many to shoulder part of the burden in this refugee housing crisis,” and indeed it has!

This is the sort of compassion that keeps the world moving, and our species evolving.

Growing Shelter Opportunities for Refugees in Need

John Cena Joins Elite Make a Wish Foundation Group

John Cena is now the number one celebrity contributor to the Make a Wish foundation and for me, it is simply nice to see a celebrity acting in a manner that helps people rather than simply in their own best self interest.

Cena is a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and spends a lot of time in the ring hitting other competitors. Wile WWF wrestling is not real (they aren’t really hitting each othe, if you don’t know), the positive impact that Wrestlers have on fans of the sport is real and meaningful.

Since he started, Cena has made 500 wish fulfillment’s for kids who are suffering from illnesses, and this is a record for a celebrity. In addition to meeting with children, Cena has also donated upwards of 6 million airline miles to help kids fulfill their traveling needs and has donated his own personal time and money to the cause.

The WWF has also contributed over $1 million last week to the charity and thanked both the Make a Wish foundation as well as John Cena and the foundation for their good deeds in the process.

The recipient of the 500th wish is Rocco Lanzer of Queens who was just diagnosed with leukemia in January this year. Lanzer is 8 years old and is in the hospital being treated for the illness. This was the second time that the two met, but the first time Lanzer wasn’t feeling well enough to spend a lot of time with Cena. Lanzer is apparently feeling a lot better and also received tickets to watch Cena on Monday during the Monday Night Raw segment in which Cena will be fighting.

Cena discussed some of the reasons why he likes to donate to Make a Wish Foundation and indicated that he gets to see the joy that it brings to children directly, compared to other foundations and charities where you are a little bit segregated from the end beneficiaries and simply have to use faith that your funds or contribution was property used.

For me, it is not only nice to see a celebrity taking on a charitable cause, but also to see them devoted to it and making a real difference by shaping the lives of those John Cena comes across by providing hope and moral lessons, as well as by donating time and money as well.

Cena indicated that he is planning on being involved with Make a Wish Foundation for as long as they are willing to have him be a part of their organization. That is comfortable to hear and the passion that Cena provides for the charity is amazing.

John Cena Joins Elite Make a Wish Foundation Group

Forever Home For Pitbull

A shelter dog is getting a new lease on life. The dog, known as “Daisy the Pitbull”, had been set to be put down after being unable to adjust to shelter life. However, she was given a second chance when she was adopted by a family this weekend in Connecticut.

Animal Control had said they were originally going to put the animal down, as it was unfair to the animal to keep it living in its poor condition. The dog didn’t adjust well to shelter life, and they didn’t want her to suffer needlessly. However, that thankfully did not happen. After one month of being in the shelter, Daisy found her home.

Her family says that Daisy is a terrific pet, and that they couldn’t ask for any better. There’s good news in it for Daisy, as well. She is now a happy, healthy dog, and is able to have a second lease on life.

That is not the only good news that comes from Connecticut this weekend, however: an additional 600 pets found good homes and great families. The shelter had a “Clear the Shelter” campaign, hoping to give the shelter pets a new lease on life. Shelter pets, in many cases, are able to be rehomed as long as a willing and caring family can take them.

This is great news for both shelter pets and shelters all around the world. With a little bit of promotion and a little bit of luck, it means that shelters can adopt out their animals to loving and caring homes. As a foster pet owner myself, I am glad to see these animals getting a second lease on life.

The other good news? The shelter, which had been at capacity, is reporting that there’s a little more room to take in new dogs and help them find forever homes. If adopting a dog sounds interesting to you, then go to your nearest dog shelter and enquire about the process of dog ownership. You could be giving a loving animal a new lease on life – just like a Connecticut family did for Daisy.

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Shelter Pet Gets New Home

Forever Homes for Dogs

Forever Home For Pitbull

Commit to Something Better

It’s almost unheard of to tell someone not to focus on reaching their goals. I read an article today that may have changed my life forever! Though I’ve learned through the years that setting goals is necessary to accomplish things, simply committing to a goal may actually be hindering my efforts. Just think about it, if I want to do something it takes more than just committing to my goal. What system will I follow to reach that goal? As I pointed out, I’ve set goals before but never focused on what I’d do or how I would accomplish any goal — I just kept my eye on the prize. I always put forth the right amount of effort, never fully paying much attention to the things I was doing to get there or ways that I could improve my efforts. How will I manage to get to the finish line if I don’t lay out a systematic plan to get there?

My goals are more easily achieved when I have a plan in place that will ensure that I am moving toward accomplishing them. As the author pointed out, when you focus on systems “… systems are good for making progress. … [c]ommitting to the process is what makes the difference.” The whole idea is to take the stress away from reaching the goal and to make a commitment to the plan that will ensure that I get there. Just as an example, if I am trying to lose 20 pounds and it’s possible to get there if I lower my carb intake, the premise behind following the process is that if I focus on my total weight loss rather than what I need to do to lose it, it’s very easy to get discouraged when I keep checking my weight and haven’t seen a change. If I focus on lowering carbs and stay committed to that, I’ll reach my goal because I put minimal focus on losing 20 pounds and stayed committed to what it will take to get there. 

I had to give myself a basic test to determine if what the author was saying is true. Is goal setting sabotaging my happiness? This may very well be the case for me and so many other goal-setting people. Can I truly be happy if I haven’t reached that goal? Do I really consider myself successful since I haven’t accomplished another? I think that I’d rather focus on the process than to believe that I can’t be happy until I’ve reached a particular goal. Focusing on the process allows me to recognize that, yes I may/do have more work to accomplish that goal but I can see the progress I’ve made and celebrate that.

Commit to Something Better

I Vote, You Vote, We All Vote!

One of the biggest debates during this year’s unofficial campaign season is the idea and implementation of automatic voter registration. The debate has been popular amongst Democrats who are looking to reform elections and voting rights. The Democratic governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, was the first elected official to sign into law automatic voter registration for her state. The results of having automatic voter registration have been astonishing. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton backed this idea completely. Since then she has been fighting for automatic voter registration with passion. Following her passion, a popular voting rights group plans on making an official proposal for automatic voter registration as a centerpiece for its 2016 election efforts. The group goes by the name of iVote and announced on Monday that it will focus on efforts that will look to create campaigns that preach automatic voter registration views while looking to make the registration a universal law. They are not looking to go state-by-state but they want to make automatic voter registration a national right for all American citizens. The founder and president of iVote Ellen Sheers.

Ellen think that we as a country should be looking for a different methods that will make it easy for citizens to vote and will inevitably lead to increased participation during elections. Different methods make it burdensome for citizens to vote and actually work towards suppressing participation. Enacting automatic voter registration will be a groundbreaking step in citizens reclaiming their rights when it comes to electing their officials. Since the automatic voting registration was enacted in Oregon more than 300,000 citizens in the state were registered to vote through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If 300,000 citizens receive voting rights in one state alone imagine how many citizens would receive those same rights across the country.
I Vote, You Vote, We All Vote!