John Cena Joins Elite Make a Wish Foundation Group

John Cena is now the number one celebrity contributor to the Make a Wish foundation and for me, it is simply nice to see a celebrity acting in a manner that helps people rather than simply in their own best self interest.

Cena is a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and spends a lot of time in the ring hitting other competitors. Wile WWF wrestling is not real (they aren’t really hitting each othe, if you don’t know), the positive impact that Wrestlers have on fans of the sport is real and meaningful.

Since he started, Cena has made 500 wish fulfillment’s for kids who are suffering from illnesses, and this is a record for a celebrity. In addition to meeting with children, Cena has also donated upwards of 6 million airline miles to help kids fulfill their traveling needs and has donated his own personal time and money to the cause.

The WWF has also contributed over $1 million last week to the charity and thanked both the Make a Wish foundation as well as John Cena and the foundation for their good deeds in the process.

The recipient of the 500th wish is Rocco Lanzer of Queens who was just diagnosed with leukemia in January this year. Lanzer is 8 years old and is in the hospital being treated for the illness. This was the second time that the two met, but the first time Lanzer wasn’t feeling well enough to spend a lot of time with Cena. Lanzer is apparently feeling a lot better and also received tickets to watch Cena on Monday during the Monday Night Raw segment in which Cena will be fighting.

Cena discussed some of the reasons why he likes to donate to Make a Wish Foundation and indicated that he gets to see the joy that it brings to children directly, compared to other foundations and charities where you are a little bit segregated from the end beneficiaries and simply have to use faith that your funds or contribution was property used.

For me, it is not only nice to see a celebrity taking on a charitable cause, but also to see them devoted to it and making a real difference by shaping the lives of those John Cena comes across by providing hope and moral lessons, as well as by donating time and money as well.

Cena indicated that he is planning on being involved with Make a Wish Foundation for as long as they are willing to have him be a part of their organization. That is comfortable to hear and the passion that Cena provides for the charity is amazing.

John Cena Joins Elite Make a Wish Foundation Group